Wood materials

About us

SIA Upeslīči in wooden business from 1995.

SIA Upeslīči work is to make products from forest till kitchen furniture.

At year 1995 Upeslīči started to produce wooden pallets who at beggining was only made by hands, what further developed to modern company . Already from year 1996 Upeslīči deported pallets to other European countries.

At year 1998 Upeslīči bought couple forest harvesting techniques.

At year 2010 Upesīči bought a drying chamber, who expended our product range, now we can offer customers high quality dried production. In the same year joinery was opened. In this joinery we are offering wooden stairs, furniture, tables, ect.

At year 2014 we started new business- high quality Wooden windows.

At 2005 company ''SIA Uceni'' were made. ''SIA Uceni'' works with heavy machinery. Gravel road construction, Pond digging, gravel pit works, Excavator and bulldozer services, Auto transport services.